Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection

Locate blockage and backup

Camera Inspection (CCTV)

Some leaks or blockages have obvious clues and are easy to diagnose and remedy.  However, others, especially those hidden behind walls or in the foundation of your home, are not so easy to find. A sewer inspection camera (CCTV) and locator can help us see the problem and find its precise location. 

This can save you a lot of time and money. 

DH Plumbing is now equipped with the most recent technology in CCTV equipment for inspecting pipes.  A pipe camera is a small waterproof high-definition video camera mounted on the end of a flexible cable. This camera is inserted into the sewage system and pushed through the pipeline, in order to do a visual inspection.  The plumber can see inside the pipe using a monitor.  The camera communicates with a receiver wand above ground to indicate its exact location, which allows us to mark the exact location of a blockage, broken pipe, misaligned pipe, roots, mud, or other issues.  

The technician must first find an entry point.  This can be as simple as opening the main sewer line cleanout.  However, it may also involve removing toilet(s) or opening drywall to access the vent stack. 


Signs of problems

Toilets won’t flush and are difficult to plunge.

Bubbles appear in the toilet when it is flushed.

Bubbles appear in the toilet when a sink or tub is drained.

Using a sink, bath or toilet causes backups in another fixture.

More than one drain is blocked.

Presence of a foul smell or gas odor near a drain.

A musty smell is getting worse

The sound of a slight hiss when using your faucet or toilet

Locate blockage & foul smell

Older homes are at more risk of having issues with the pipes.  Sewer pipes work using gravity.  The pipes flow downhill.  Over the years, calcium, soap scum, grease, debris, and sewage build up inside the walls of your pipe, which makes older homes more susceptible to blockages. 

If you are planning to renovate, or you are buying an older home, a camera inspection can prevent expensive surprises down the road.  If you are selling an older home, having a recent pipe camera inspection will give prospective buyers confidence.  The sooner the issues are addressed, the more quickly and efficiently the repair can be performed. 

Our fees

Camera Inspection and Locate:  3-hour minimum at $150 /hr

DH Plumbing will provide you with a USB stick containing the video of the pipe(s).  We will also provide you with a detailed written report

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